How to Make Golf Grips Tacky

A good grip is necessary for a good golf swing, and maintaining the grips on your clubs will improve your swing overall. Gripping the club loosely is necessary for an ideal golf swing, as a tight grip will impair the natural motion of your hands and wrists. Golf grips come in smooth and rough varieties and are easy to make tacky so as to maintain a good grip without excessive pressure on the club. Grips are subject to wear and tear from exposure to the elements, how tightly you hold your golf club, body oils and sweat and overuse. Keep your golf grips tacky with two methods: cleaning and sanding.

Cleaning the Grips

Step 1

Fill a small bucket or container with warm, not hot, water and liquid dish detergent. Use about two to four squirts of detergent. Cleaning the grips is necessary to not only make them tacky but to prolong their life, as you will be removing built-up dirt, body oil and sweat.

Step 2

Dunk a soft bristle brush or an abrasive pad in the cleaner and scrub the grips thoroughly. However, never scrub your grips so hard you remove the roughened grip material.

Step 3

Rinse with lukewarm water and allow the grips to air dry, or dry them with a towel.

Sanding the Grips

Step 1

Rub the grips with low- to medium-grit sandpaper. Experiment with low-grit sandpaper first to see if it is adequate before moving to rougher sandpaper.

Step 2

Move the sandpaper lightly over the grips in an up-and-down motion to make the grips rougher. Avoid rubbing the grips so hard that you sand them off instead of making them tacky.

Step 3

Go over the grips with a dry towel to remove sandpaper dust and loose grip material.


  • Purchase cord grips if you live in a wet or excessively humid region, as such grips feature materials that draw moisture away from the grips.
  • Clean grips once or twice a month depending on how often you play golf.
  • Use umbrellas and towels to keep grips dry if playing in wet conditions.
  • Clean the grips with a commercial grip cleaner in lieu of dish detergent.
  • Replace the grips every year or after about 40 rounds. Signs your golf club grips need to be replaced include bald or shiny spots on the grips, worn spots around the thumb contact areas, cracks and overly smooth or hard surfaces.