Estroven & Weight Gain

Estroven & Weight Gain

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Estroven supplements offer female consumers an over-the-counter all-natural herbal way to lessen the symptoms of menopause. The supplement formula includes soy isoflavones, black cohosh, calcium and boron, vitamins E and B-12 as well as other B-vitamins, and folic acid.


As a woman approaches menopause her ovaries begin to run out of eggs. When there are few to no more eggs to be released into the fallopian tubes her monthly menstrual cycle stops.The ovaries also stop producing as much estrogen and progesterone. Decreased estrogen levels may cause menopausal symptoms like hot flashes.

Related Conditions

The Mayo Clinic lists heart disease, urinary incontinence, osteoporosis and weight gain as the four chronic conditions that may appear after menopause.

Weight Gain

Taking estrogen can cause women to retain water which can be the cause of weight gain. Soy isoflavones, an ingredient in Estroven, is a natural form of estrogen that is found in soybeans, chickpeas and other legumes. This could cause slight water retention weight gain. (Ref. 2)

Also at this time in a woman's life the demands of raising a family may be diminished and she may not be as active as in previous years. Metabolism can also slow as a woman ages. Cutting calories from your total caloric daily intake and exercising can keep you from gaining excess weight.


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